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LED potting compound, LED thermal conductivity basic heat dissipation, Lamp frame bonding and sealing, potting waterproof and thermal conductivity protection, aluminum substrate auxiliary heat dissipation, driving power supply thermal conductivity and flame retardant, circuit board coating three-proof protection, etc

 LED 电源胶黏剂应用解决方案

LED power supply is a type of power supply, which is a device that provides power to electronic devices, and is also a power supply. It is a device that turns alternating current into direct current through a transformer and a rectifier, and this device is called a rectifier power supply, also known as a driving power supply.

LED drive power potting glue is potted in the LED drive power supply, after curing, it can avoid direct contact with the natural environment of the components, effectively prevent the components from being eroded by the environment, and slow down the aging of the internal components of the power supply, LED drive power potting glue is suitable for potting protection of general electronic components, power modules and circuit boards, as well as potting of various electronic appliances, such as switching power supply, drive power, automotive HID lamp module power supply, automotive ignition system module power supply, home appliance controller, network transformer, etc

【PCB Coating】

【PCB Coating】

BESIL 8230 silicone thermally conductive flame retardant potting compound

» Two-component additive silicone rubber

» 1:1 mixing ratio

» Low hardening shrinkage

» Excellent high temperature electrical insulation and stability

» Good water and moisture resistance

BESIL 8230LED power supplySiliconeTwo-componentRoom temperature curingPCB Potting
BESIL 9003LED power supplySiliconeOne componentRoom temperature curingThreading groove sealing
BESIL 9091TLED power supplySiliconeOne-componentRoom temperature curingSolder joint isolation
BESIL 9096BLED power supplySiliconeOne-componentRoom temperature curingSolder joint isolation