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LED potting compound, LED thermal conductivity basic heat dissipation, Lamp frame bonding and sealing, potting waterproof and thermal conductivity protection, aluminum substrate auxiliary heat dissipation, driving power supply thermal conductivity and flame retardant, circuit board coating three-proof protection, etc

Adhesive solutions for outdoor lamps

Outdoor lights include: road lights, high pole lights, garden lights, landscape lights, LED tree lights, lawn lights, wall lights, wall lights, buried lights, spotlights (flood lights), underwater lights, etc.

Outdoor lamps and lanterns need to withstand harsh summers and rainy spring and autumn, as well as cold winters, and the complex environment has a great impact and life test for invisible adhesives

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【Lamp surface potting】

【Lamp surface potting】

BESIL 8125 A/B Silicone Encapsulant

» Two-component, condensation dealcoholized type

» Low viscosity, easy processing and manopulability

» Low hardening shrinkage, no corrosion and no stress

» Excellent high temperature electrical insulation and stability

» Excellent adhesion, good waterproofing and moisture resistance

【End Cap Sealing】

RTV 9003 semi-fluid neutral dealcoholized adhesive seal

» Most materials have good adhesive sealing properties.

» Excellent insulating properties

» High transparency

» Moisture-proof, dust-proof, anti-corona and anti-seismic cushioning

» Temperature resistance -60~260°C

» After curing, the colloid does not yellow, does not leak oil,

【End Cap Sealing】


BESIL 8125 Line lightsSiliconeTwo-componentRoom temperature curingSeal lamp surface
BESIL 8250Line lightsSiliconeTwo- componentRoom temperature curingSeal lamp surface
BESEL 9003Line lightsSiliconeOne-componentRoom temperature curingEnd cap seal
BESIL 9006Line lightsSiliconeOne-componentRoom temperature curingGlass cover plate bonding
BESIL 8230Line lightsSiliconeTwo-componentRoom temperature curingPower supply potting
BESIL 9339Food lightSiliconeOne-componentRoom temperature curingGlass cover plate bonding
BEGRE 1125Food lightSiliconeOne-componentRoom temperature curingAluminum substrate cooling
TP 340FoodlightSiliconeGasketThermmateAluminum substrate cooling
BESIL 9339Underground lightSiliconeOne-componentRoom temperature curingGlass cover plate bonding
BESIL9003 Underground lightSiliconeOne componentRoom temperature curingEnd cap seal
BEEP 6108-2Underground lightEpoxyTwo-componentRoom temperature curingScrub effect pottin