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 Adhesive application solutions for automotive lights

The importance of the lights to the appearance of the car is as important as the importance of the eyes to the appearance of the person, which can be described as the "finishing touch" of a car. In the 100-year history of automobile development, the car manufacturing process and materials have been continuously upgraded, and the automotive lighting system has also been continuously evolved.

Automobile lamps and lanterns are very complex, a wide variety and the technical difficulty is very high, the modeling can not do much, most of them are based on some innovations in technology, due to the working characteristics of automotive lamps, it is best to choose a special adhesive sealant for automotive lamps, which needs to have a certain flexibility, good vibration resistance, and can play a role in shock absorption; Good corrosion resistance, not afraid of acid rain, etc.; and a wide range of temperatures.

The volatilization of silica gel in a closed environment may have a certain change in the light transmittance of the lamp cover used for a long time in the car, and the entry of water vapor will cause the inner wall of the PC or glass cover to produce droplet-like layering, resulting in the driver's inaccurate judgment of the object in front or reducing the reaction time during driving. Sealants with low volatile content and the ability to withstand long-term high temperatures are the advantages of Baigo sealing silicone. As for other types of lights, as long as you have a correct understanding, you can choose the right Beginor Material

【Bonding between the lamp housing and the lampshade】

【Bonding between the lamp housing and the lampshade】

BESIL9336 Silicone adhesive sealants

» Excellent chemical resistance and good adhesion

» Resistant to moisture, dirt and other atmospheric components

» Relieves mechanical stress and tension caused by mechanical, thermal shock and vibration

» Excellent outdoor aging with a service life of up to 20-30 years

» Earthquake, corona resistance, leakage resistance, good insulation

» Stable mechanical and electrical properties between -60-250°C

BESIL 9336Automotive industrySiliconeOne componentRoom temperature curingShell and lamp shade bonding 
BESIL 322Automotive industrySiliconeOne componentRoom temperature curingShell and lamp shade bonding
BEEP 6225FRAutomotive industrySiliconeTwo-componentRoom temperature curingFixed for wiring harness connectors