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Electrical System

Bonding of photovoltaic modules, junction box seal bonding, BEGINOR adhesives are commonly used in high-performance adhesives such as acrylic adhesives, polyurethane adhesives, modified epoxy resin adhesives, and silicone adhesives.


A power cable is a type of cable used to transmit electrical energy, and it consists of a conductor, an insulator, and a sheath. The conductor of the power cable can be copper or aluminum, the insulator can be rubber, polyvinyl chloride or polyurethane, and the sheath can be plastic, rubber or steel tape. Power cables can be used for the connection of power distribution systems, power systems, and power equipment, as well as for protection and control in power systems.

The cable junction box can prevent moisture, dirt and other debris from entering the junction box by using potting compound, so as to protect the circuit inside the junction box, prevent the circuit from short circuit, and ensure the safe use of power cables.

Beginor Material provides a variety of adhesive solutions for power cables, whether it is a circuit board (metal insulating substrate) that plays a supporting role, an interconnection material that plays the role of electrical connection (sintered silver soldering), an encapsulating material that plays the role of insulation and environmental protection (epoxy potting material) or an interfacial thermal conductive material that plays a role in heat dissipation, Baigo has a good glue solution to meet the various needs of customers

Beginor Material application solution

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【Cable junction box potting】

BEGEL 8605 A/B High Toughness Dielectric Insulating Silicone Gel

• 1:1 additive molding for high elasticity

• Excellent flexibility to relieve mechanical stress

• Excellent electrical insulation at high temperature to protect against high voltage 

• Excellent aging resistance and weather resistance 

• Excellent waterproof, anti-corrosion, moisture-proof and chemical resistance


【Piercing wire clamp insulating adhesive】


BEGR Paste 293 (8#) grease

 • Excellent dielectric properties

 • Excellent resistance to water and oxidation

 • Operating temperature: -55°C ~200°C

 • Excellent corona resistance

 • Low volatile oil separation


BEGR 295Piercing cord clampsSiliconeOne-component/Lubrication protection