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Electric Vehicle

Glue solutions for electric systems • Adhesive solutions for drive motors • Bonding of lithium battery pack shells • Thermal management of battery packs • Adhesive solutions for electronic control systems

The travel of new energy vehicles cannot be separated from a stable and efficient charging system. Just as we need food and lodging on the way to travel, new energy vehicles are also inseparable from charging piles and charging guns, and charging piles are the "charging treasure" of new energy vehicles. The charging gun is like a "bridge" connecting the vehicle and the charging pile. Therefore, meeting market demand in a safe and sustainable way and providing convenient and fast charging are the challenges faced by many new energy vehicle manufacturers.

Adhesive solutions for charging systems

BEGINOR understands the challenges in front of innovative technologies and can easily deal with the heat problems generated by high-voltage, high-power density electric vehicle charging systems. At the same time, our thermal shims, potting and conformal coating solutions not only protect high-value electronics, but also perform well in unpredictable outdoor environments.

Make the charging problem no longer complicated!

Glue scheme for AC charging piles (AC)

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Ac charging refers to providing AC power to electric vehicles for charging.

Generally, they connect to the home grid and convert alternating current into charging currents and voltages suitable for electric vehicles. Ac charging is usually suitable for low-power charging and is suitable for charging in places such as the home, workplace or parking lot.

Glue scheme for AC charging piles (AC)

Recommended by BEGINOR

Thermal pads


PCB coating adhesive 


Wire harness bonding and fixing


TCMP 8815 Liquid Thermally Conductive Caulk

▶ Slightly viscous, low stress

▶ Thermal conductivity 2.0W/m.K

BECOAT 9007 Silicone Triple Conformal Coating Adhesive

▶ Single-component easy handling

▶ Temperature resistance -60-200°C

BEPU 5110 Polyurethane Adhesive

▶ Strong adhesion to various substrates

▶ Excellent aging and chemical resistance

Element fixation


Housing seal


BESIL 9336 silicone adhesive sealant

▶ Suitable for most substrates

▶ Good sealing flame retardant effect

BESIL 8530 Silicone Adhesive


▶ Excellent resistance to alternating cold and hot properties

Glue solution for DC charging pile (DC)

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DC charging is the direct supply of DC power to electric vehicles for charging.

DC charging devices have a higher charging power and can charge them faster. This charging method is suitable for long journeys or situations where a quick charge is urgently needed

Glue solution for DC charging pile (DC)

Recommended by BEGINOR

Charging cable charging socket

Charging cable charging socket

OBDmodule potting

OBDmodule potting

Inductive potting

Inductive potting

BEEP 6225(8#) Flame Retardant Epoxy Encapsulant

▶ Two-component medium to low viscosity

▶ Good toughness and good adhesion

BEPU 6608 High Thermal Conductivity Polyurethane Encapsulant

▶ Excellent flexibility after curing

▶ Meets UL94 V-0 flame retardant test

BESIL 8230 (15#) High Thermal Conductivity Flame Retardant Encapsulant

▶ Two-component 1:1 is easy to operate

▶ Good waterproof and thermal conductivity

Charging gun cavity potting

Charging gun cavity potting

Housing seal

Housing seal

Electronically controlled thermal management

Electronically controlled thermal management

BEPU 6603 Polyurethane Encapsulant

▶ Low viscosity and long operating time

▶ Excellent temperature and weather resistance

BESIL 9133 Silicone Adhesive

▶ Excellent high temperature resistance

▶ Good adhesive sealing properties

TCMP 8820 Liquid Thermally Conductive Caulk

▶1:1 Hybrid (Thixotropic)

▶ Thermal conductivity 2.0 W/mK









Gel spacers

Heat curing

Thermally conductive bonding

BECOAT 9007 SiliconesOne-componenRoom temperature curing/Heat curingPCB coating
BEPU 5110PU materialOne-componenRoom temperature curingWire harness bonding and fixing
BESIL 9336SiliconesOne-componenRoom temperature curingElement fixation
BESIL 8530 SiliconesOne-componenRoom temperature curingseal
BEEP 6225(8#) Epoxy materialOne-componenHeat curingpotting
BEPU 6608PU materialOne-componenRoom temperature curingpotting
BESIL 8230(15#) SiliconesOne-componenRoom temperature curing/Heat curingpotting

BEPU 6603



Heat curing


BESIL 9133 



Room temperature curing/Heat curing

Housing seal

TCMP 8820 SiliconesGel spacersRoom temperature curingthermal conduction