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Industrial adhesives, potting compounds, adhesive sealants The role of industrial glue is to fix the workpiece together to ensure the stability and reliability of the workpiece. In addition, industrial glue can also prevent moisture and moisture inside the workpiece, thereby preventing short circuit and damage to

Adhesive solutions for control modules

The control module is an electronic device used to control the operation of the system, and it can control the output of the system according to the input signal of the sensor. Industrial control modules work by receiving input signals from sensors and controlling the output of the system based on these signals. They can control the actions of the system according to the input signal, such as controlling the speed of the motor, controlling the brightness of the lamp, etc. Among them, the body control module (BCM) is a powerful control module designed to realize discrete control functions and control many electrical appliances. The functions of the body control module include: electric door and window control, central control door lock control, remote control anti-theft, lighting system control, electric rearview mirror heating control, instrument backlight adjustment, power distribution, etc.

Industrial control modules need adhesives because they need to be fixed in a specific position in order to accurately receive the input signal from the sensor and accurately control the output of the system. Adhesives can help industrial control modules be stably fixed in a specific position, thereby improving the accuracy and reliability of the system. 

【Lid sealant】

【Lid sealant】

BESIL N 9339 silicone adhesive sealant

◇ Excellent chemical resistance, low odor and good adhesion

◇ Low volatile content does not exceed 500ppm, no corrosion and no fog in a closed environment

◇ Resistant to moisture, dirt and other atmospheric components

◇ Reduce mechanical stress and tension caused by mechanical, thermal shock and vibration

◇ Excellent outdoor aging, service life up to 20-30 years

◇ Stable mechanical and electrical properties between -60-300°C

【Power circuit board rugged adhesive】

BECAOT 9067 Silicone Conformal Adhesive/Coated Adhesive

◇ One-component, low-viscosity solvent-based

◇ High transparency, curing at room temperature

◇ There are a variety of coating methods to choose from

◇ Stable and resilient at -60 - 200°C, easy to repair

◇ It has good adhesion to most substrates without priming

◇ Excellent waterproof, anti-corrosion, moisture-proof and electrical insulation performance

◇ Good resistance to high and low temperature impact and high temperature and high humidity

◇ ROHS compliant, low halogen

【Power circuit board rugged adhesive】

BESIL N9339Power ControlSiliconeOne-componentRoom temperature curingBox cover sealing
BESIL 9420Power ControlSiliconeOne componentRoom temperature curingBox cover sealing
BESIL 8230Power ControlSiliconeTwo-componentRoom temperature curingFlame retardant thermal conductivity potting
BEPU 6127Power ControlPolyurethaneTwo-componentRoom temperature curingPotting
BECOAT 9067Power ControlSiliconeOne-componentRoom temperature curingConformal coating
BECOAT 9060ControllerSiliconeOne-componentRoom temperature curingConformal coating
BECOAT 921LControllerSiliconeOne-componentRoom temperature curingConformal coating
BESIL 8230ControllerSiliconeTwo-componentRoom temperature curingFlame retardant thermal conductivity potting
BEPU 6127ControllerPolyurethaneTwo-componentRoom temperature curingPotting