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Industrial adhesives, potting compounds, adhesive sealants The role of industrial glue is to fix the workpiece together to ensure the stability and reliability of the workpiece. In addition, industrial glue can also prevent moisture and moisture inside the workpiece, thereby preventing short circuit and damage to

Adhesives are widely used in industry, and can be used in electronics, machinery, automobiles, aerospace, household appliances, medical equipment, industrial control and other fields. For example, adhesives used in the electronics industry can be used to encapsulate electronic components; Adhesives used in the machinery industry can be used to fix mechanical parts; Adhesives used in the automotive industry can be used to fix automotive parts; Adhesives used in the aerospace industry can be used to fix aircraft parts, etc.

BEGINOR adhesives can be used in various applications in industrial manufacturing, including the assembly of electronic components, the assembly of mechanical parts, the bonding of plastics, the bonding of rubber, the bonding of wood, etc. In addition, BEGINO adhesives can also be used for the maintenance and assembly of vehicles such as cars, ships, aircraft, as well as the assembly and bonding of furniture, home appliances, building materials, etc., to meet customers' rubber needs, reduce costs, and improve your work efficiency.