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Epoxy adhesive丨Adhesive solution for communication connectors

2023.11.17 15:48:46   Clicks

Adhesive solution for communication connectors

Communication connector belongs to one of the connectors, electronic engineers will often come into contact with this kind of parts in their work, its role is to build a bridge of communication between the circuit that is blocked or isolated circuits, so that the current flows, so that the circuit can achieve the intended function.

After the connector is glued, it is cured under specific conditions, so as to form a layer of waterproof sealing bonding liner to meet the requirements of auxiliary fixed bonding and waterproof sealing, and the molding fluid is flexible, with good seismic and impact resistance and deformation resistance.

Shanghai Beginor Polymar Material provides BEEP 6005 epoxy structure adhesive for communication connectors, which can avoid solder joint fatigue and lead breakage under the action of cyclic stress in connectors.

BEEP 6005 fast-curing epoxy structural adhesive is a fast-curing epoxy adhesive at room temperature. This two-component epoxy adhesive is designed to bond ceramic, metal, glass, plastic, rubber, paper, cloth, and other products.

BEEP 6005 fast-curing epoxy structural adhesive cures without the need for heat. After a thorough blend of components A and B at a 1:1 (weight or volume ratio), the product cures in 10-30 minutes to form protection.

Communication connector

The cured adhesive has the following properties:

◇ Resistant to moisture, dirt and other atmospheric components

◇ High strength, excellent adhesion

◇ Good anti-pollution and low surface pretreatment requirements

◇ No solvent, no curing by-products

◇ Stable mechanical and electrical properties between -45-120°C

◇ Good adhesion to glass fiber cloth and steel plate