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BEGINOR adhesives for sensor applications BEGINOR adhesives protect the internal structure of the sensor and keep the electronics in a stable state under harsh conditions

Automotive electronic sensors are mainly used in braking system, transmission system, engine system, speed position system, vehicle air conditioning system and other fields. The main types of sensors include gear position, air pressure, oil pressure, steering Angle, speed, position, tire pressure, temperature, humidity, air quality, rainfall, light amount, oxygen sensing, etc. Help driving to a more safe, comfortable, energy efficient and intelligent direction.

The application of sensors is very wide, can be used in automotive, aerospace, robotics, household appliances, medical equipment, industrial control and other fields. For example, sensors used in cars can be used to detect engine temperature, pressure and fuel consumption; Sensors used in aerospace can be used to detect the attitude and position of aircraft; The sensors used in the robot can be used to detect the motion state of the robot, etc.

Sensors can measure tire pressure and wheel speed, check axle load and steering Angle, and monitor oil levels, motor temperature, and fuel levels. There are more than 100 types of sensors in a car today - and the number is growing. Together with associated electronic control units, they help keep the car in its lane during driving, make the process of automatic shifting smoother, reduce emissions, and other features. In short, they bring increased safety, convenience, comfort and efficiency. However, it also means that faulty sensors, such as those associated with body electronic stability systems or airbags, can put lives at risk.

To ensure that this does not happen, the electronic components in the electronic control unit and sensors, as well as the open contacts on the housing, must be reliably and permanently protected from damage. This can be achieved using accurate bonding, sealing and potting processes and suitable potting materials with repeatable accuracy.

BEGINOR adhesive can protect the internal structure of the sensor and prevent external pollutants from entering the inside of the sensor, thus affecting the normal operation of the sensor. In addition, BEGINOR potting glue can also prevent moisture and moisture inside the sensor, thereby preventing short circuits and damage to the sensor. BEGINOR potting adhesive can also prevent heat loss inside the sensor, thereby improving the accuracy and stability of the sensor.

BEGINOR adhesives for sensor applications