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Automotive Electronics

Application solution of automotive electronic adhesive Silicone ECU heat conduction for bonding electronic module of body control, and silicone hybrid inverter heat conduction adhesive sealant for potting and coating.

Vehicle air conditioner Baigao adhesive application scheme

On-board air conditioning is an air conditioning system installed in the interior of the car, which can effectively regulate the temperature inside the car, so that passengers can feel a comfortable environment during driving. The structure of the on-board air conditioner is generally composed of a condenser, an evaporator, a compressor, an expansion valve, etc., which can effectively control the temperature inside the car and enable passengers to feel a comfortable environment during driving. The automotive air conditioning compressor is the heart of the automotive air conditioning and refrigeration system, which plays the role of compressing and transporting refrigerant vapor.

Beginor Material automotive air conditioning adhesive application scheme

Due to the harsh working environment of the compressor, it is necessary to improve the structural strength of the air-conditioning system, as well as improve the durability and reliability of the air-conditioning system, so an adhesive is needed to potting the compressor to achieve the effect of cooling, waterproofing and moisture-proof, and to protect its electronic components in a harsh environment, so that it can operate normally as always, which greatly reduces the failure probability of the air-conditioning compressor

【Car Air Conditioner Compressor Potting】

【Car Air Conditioner Compressor Potting】

BEPU 6606 Polyurethane Encapsulant

» Low viscosity and good permeability 

» Excellent low temperature characteristics, excellent weather resistance 

» Excellent electrical insulation, stability 

» Good waterproof, moisture resistance, very low water absorption 

» Very good adhesion to most metals and plastics


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BESIL 7321resistorSiliconeOne componentRoom temperature curingCavity filling
BEPU 6606resistorPolyurethaneTwo-componentRoom temperature curingPotting