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BEGINOR adhesives for sensor applications BEGINOR adhesives protect the internal structure of the sensor and keep the electronics in a stable state under harsh conditions

Pressure sensors are subject to Beginor Material applications

A pressure sensor is a type of sensor used to detect pressure, which can detect the magnitude, direction, and change of pressure. It can be used to detect changes in pressure, as well as the effect of changes in pressure on the system. It can also be used to detect changes in pressure, and the effect of changes in pressure on the system. The pressure sensors commonly used are mainly made using the piezoelectric effect, and such sensors are also called piezoelectric sensors.

Pressure sensors are mainly used in automotive, aerospace, medical, industrial control, household appliances and other fields. Because the working environment of the pressure sensor is relatively harsh, a certain amount of potting compound is needed inside the pressure sensor for potting protection, which plays the role of waterproof, anti-corrosion and moisture-proof, and at the same time, Beginor Material adhesive also has the performance of high pressure resistance and insulation, in addition, the pressure sensor can play a role in protecting the internal parts from dust, moisture and stamping through the bonding and sealing of the shell, which can prolong the service life of the pressure sensor

【Housing sealant】


BEEP 6688 (30#) one-component epoxy adhesive

◇ Solvent-free one-component epoxy structural adhesive

◇ It has good anti-sagging

◇ It has good toughness and high and low temperature impact resistance

◇ Provide excellent bonding, electrical, moisture resistance and mechanical properties

◇ At the same time, it can meet the performance requirements at high temperature

【Potting gel】

BEGEL 8708 A/B two-component dielectrically insulating silicone gel

◇ 1:1 plus molding, strong adhesion, self-healing

◇ High elongation, excellent flexibility, eliminate mechanical stress

◇ Very low oil permeability after curing, excellent anti-toxicity

◇ Excellent electrical insulation at high temperature, providing protection for high voltage

◇ Excellent aging resistance and weather resistance

◇ Excellent waterproof, anti-corrosion, moisture-proof and chemical resistance

◇ Can be used for semiconductor modules, sensors, etc


BEEP 6688-30Pressure SensorEpoxyOne-componentHeat curingShell bonding
BESIL 8606Pressure SensorSiliconeTwo- componentRoom temperature curingPotting
BESIL 9420Pressure SensorSiliconeOne-componentRoom temperature curingPotting
BEEP 6211-2JY-7Pressure SensorEpoxyTwo-componentRoom temperature curingCover bonding
BESIL 9060Pressure SensorSiliconeOne-componentRoom temperature curingCoating
BESIL 8230Throttle sensorSiliconeTwo-componentRoom temperature curingPotting
BESIL 9102BTire pressure sensorSiliconeOne-componentRoom temperature curingSealing
BESIL 8230Tire pressure sensorSiliconeTwo-componentRoom temperature curingPotting
BESIL 8707-2Tire pressure sensorSiliconeTwo-componentHeat curingPotting
BESIL 8706Load cellSiliconeTwo-componentRoom temperature curingPotting
BESIL N9339Load cellSiliconeOne- componentRoom temperature curingSealing
BESIL 9060Load cellSiliconeOne- componentRoom temperature curingPCB coating
BEPU 8018Load cellPolyurethaneTwo- componentRoom temperature curingChip protection
BEEP 6220-5Pressure SwitchEpoxyTwo-componentHeat curingPotting
BEEP 6688-15Pressure SwitchEpoxyOne componentHeat curingPotting