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Industrial adhesives, potting compounds, adhesive sealants The role of industrial glue is to fix the workpiece together to ensure the stability and reliability of the workpiece. In addition, industrial glue can also prevent moisture and moisture inside the workpiece, thereby preventing short circuit and damage to

Transformers are Beginor Material solutions

A transformer is an electrical device that converts voltage from one level to another to meet the needs of different electrical devices. They usually consist of coils, magnets, and insulating materials that can convert voltage from low voltage to high voltage, or vice versa from high voltage to low voltage.

Beginor Material potting compounds can help transformers prevent moisture, contaminants, and other harmful substances from entering the transformer in a humid environment to prevent damage to the transformer's insulation performance. It can also effectively prevent moisture, pollutants and other harmful substances from entering the inside of the transformer, thereby protecting the insulation performance of the transformer

【Transformer potting compound】

【Transformer potting compound】

BEEP 6102 Epoxy Encapsulant

It is used for potting and sealing of general electronic components. It can be cured at room temperature, and the exothermic temperature of the curing process is low, and the shrinkage rate is low. The surface of the cured material is bright, non-cracking, moisture-proof and insulating

【Transformer face bonding seal】

BEEP6211-2JY epoxy adhesive

◇ Resistant to moisture, dirt and other atmospheric components

◇ High strength, excellent adhesion

◇ Good anti-pollution and low surface pretreatment requirements

◇ No solvent, no curing by-products

◇ Excellent resistance to high and low temperatures, -50°C-150°C

◇ Resistant to transformer oil, low attenuation

◇ Good adhesion to glass fiber cloth and steel plate

【Transformer face bonding seal】

BEEP 6102Electronic transformerEpoxyTwo-componentHeat curingPotting
BEEP 6112Electronic transformerEpoxyTwo-componentHeat curingFlame retardant potting
BEEP 6005Electronic transformerEpoxyTwo-componentHeat curingMagnetic steel sheet bonding
BEEP 6211-2JYElectronic transformerEpoxyTwo-componentHeat curingEnd cap