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Medical silicone gel, medical glue, medical glue, silicone gel BEGINOR medical adhesives have excellent adhesion, temperature resistance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance and other characteristics, which can meet the various needs of medical devices

Medical cosmetology silicone application scheme

BEGINOR  Materials, providing a full range of products, set scientific and technological research and development, lean manufacturing, brand marketing of Shanghai high-tech enterprises. The silicone produced by Baygo can be used as a material in the medical aesthetic industry, with excellent heat resistance, corrosion resistance and friction resistance, and can be used to make various medical aesthetic products, such as rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, chin augmentation, etc. Silicone has good elasticity and flexibility, which can simulate the touch of human skin, making patients feel comfortable during use. In addition, silicone also has good biocompatibility, which can effectively prevent allergic reactions and provide patients with safe and reliable medical aesthetic services

【Glue for medical prosthetics】

The application of medical prostheses is mainly used to replace the limb lost by the patient due to illness or accident in order to restore the function of the patient. At present, the application of medical prostheses has involved many types, such as upper limb prostheses, lower limb prostheses, head prostheses, spinal prostheses, etc. These prostheses can help patients regain limb function, improve their quality of life, and aid in their rehabilitation

BEGEL 8530 room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber

◆ Facilitation, hardening at 80°C for 25min

◆ Excellent mechanical properties

◆ Easy to operate, 10:1 fast mixing

◆ High transparency

◆ Low hardening shrinkage, < 0.6 %




BEGEL 8530artificial limbSiliconeTwo-componentRoom temperature/heat curingpadding