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Adhesives are used in household appliances Beginor provides a series of thermal conductivity adhesives for household appliances, structural bonding adhesives, thermal gaskets, sealants, circuit board three anti-adhesive, etc. in line with environmental standards, through the EU ROHS test and halog


In recent decades, the development of household appliances can be said to be rapid. With the progress of science and technology, the functions of household appliances are also constantly improving, more intelligent, more convenient, more energy-saving, and more convenient and fast to use. With the development of household appliances, the demand for adhesives is getting higher and higher, and the reasonable application of adhesives can not only meet the needs of product design, but also play an obvious role in improving the production efficiency and reducing costs of enterprises. The role of adhesives in the home appliance market

Beginor Material adhesive solutions

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Beginor Material can improve the structural strength of electrical appliances, as well as improve the durability and reliability of electrical appliances. Adhesives can effectively hold the various parts of the appliance together, making the structure of the appliance stronger, thereby improving the service life of the appliance.   

【Motor potting】

BEEP 6608 AB component polyurethane

▪ 100:16 mass ratio

▪ Thermal conductivity is 0.8W/m.k

▪ The resistance to temperature shock at high and low temperatures is very good

【Motor potting】

【Kettle base sealing】

【Kettle base sealing】

BESIL 8530 AB component silicone adhesive

▪ 1:1 mass ratio, transparent and good adhesion

▪ High toughness 

▪ Comply with FDA food grade certification

【Heating plate bonding】

BESIL 9106 one-component silicone

▪ One-component paste

▪ Cures at room temperature

▪ High temperature resistance 260°C

【Heating plate bonding】


BESIL 9102IronSiliconeOne  componentroom temperatureSink sealing
BESIL 9102IronSiliconeOne componentroom temperatureBase plate bonding
BECOAT 9060air conditioningSiliconeOne  componentRoom temperature/heat curingPcb board cooling gap filler 
BEEP  6618TVEpoxyTwo componentRoom temperature/heat curingBacklight module
BECOAT 9060Bath bombsSiliconeOne componentRoom temperature/heat curingPCB board rugged
BECOAT 9061vacuum cleanerEpoxyOne-componentRoom temperature/heat curingPCB board rugged
BEEP 6112electric blanketEpoxyTwo-componentRoom temperature/heat curingPotting