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【CIPG Process】Beginor Material new energy vehicle system sealing solution

2023.11.17 14:44:08   Clicks

Since 2018, the efficiency and output of China's new energy vehicle industry have achieved steady growth, and by 2021, the state has also invested tens of billions of subsidies in the development of new energy vehicles.

Internationally, many European countries have successively issued decrees prohibiting the driving and sale of fuel vehicles in recent years, and will take the development of new energy vehicles as the direction of strategic transformation for European car companies.

In general, the development trend of vehicle electrification, intelligence, and networking has been clear

new energy vehicle

New Energy Vehicle

The CIPG process (Cured-In-Place Gasket) refers to the application of liquid sealant on the interface, which is generally assembled after heat curing, and is suitable for repeated disassembly and assembly in the later stage


Beginor Material CIPG process products

The CIPG process design of Baigao, instead of the traditional sealing ring, can quickly adapt to the changes of the system, has good complexity and positioning, and ensures excellent sealing. Provide the best sealing solution for new energy vehicle batteries, BMS battery management systems, electronic control units, OBC modules, etc

Beginor Material CIPG process products

BESIL 9435 Additive Silicone Adhesive

Product Features:

◇ One-component thixotropy

◇ Easy to operate

◇ Curing at high temperature of 120~150°C

BESIL 8530A/B Silicone Adhesive

Two-component addition molding is a room-temperature curing silicone rubber that can also be heat-cured to form a strong, soft, and highly resilient silicone rubber elastomer

Product Features:

◇ Two-component thixotropy

◇ 1 : 1 mix

◇ It can be cured at medium and high temperature of 100~120°C