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Battery sealant丨Adhesive solution for new energy cell fixing

2023.11.17 15:52:54   Clicks

Battery sealant丨Adhesive solution for new energy cell fixing

Since the development of new energy vehicles in China, they have taken a share of the traditional automobile manufacturing industry, accounting for 30% of the share in the automotive industry. The eye-catching part of new energy vehicles is the quality of their power batteries, which are the power sources that provide power for tools.

Regarding the application of adhesives in power batteries, Beginor Polymar Material has rich experience in using glues, and what glue is used in power batteries to ensure its quality. Which mainly involves the sealing of power batteries?

The battery cell is fixed, insulated and protected, and the service life is increased

BESIL 8230 (7#) A/B Low Density Potting Silicone

▶ 1:1 mixing ratio, 2000±300 mPa.s viscosity, flame retardant HB, RTI=150°C,

▶ Hardness Shore A 30, good noise absorption, density 0.71, hardness Shore 00 75±10

Besil 8230(7#) A/B is a two-component low-density silicone potting compound with good fluidity after mixing, the operating time can be adjusted according to temperature, and the room temperature can be deep cured, suitable for potting protection of various heat dissipation and temperature-resistant components, and meets the requirements of the EU ROHS directive and SVHC REACH

Product Features:

◇ Low viscosity of two-component additive molding

◇ 1:1 mixing ratio

◇ Low hardening shrinkage

◇ Excellent high temperature electrical insulation

◇ Low density, light weight, no foaming

◇ Seismic and noise reduction

◇ Low dielectric constant

More application areas:

◇ Automotive electronic modules

◇ Lithium battery pack, capacitor pack

◇ Rail transit communication box

◇ Signal transmission devices