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Structural adhesive

Structural adhesive
EP 621 New one-component epoxy adhesive

EP 621 is a black, solvent-free, one-component epoxy structural adhesive, This product has good toughness and impact strength, When it is fully cured by heat, it provides excellent bonding properties, electrical properties, moisture resistance and mech

Baygo EP 621 one-component epoxy adhesive

♦ Excellent adhesion, electrical, moisture resistance and mechanical properties,

♦ It has high bonding strength for most substrates including glass, metal, ceramic, etc.,

♦ Meets bonding and mechanical property requirements at high temperatures

It has high bonding strength to most substrates including glass, metal, ceramics, etc. At  the same time, it can meet the bonding and mechanical performance requirements under  high temperature, and is widely used in automotive electronics, pressure sensors, connecting  wire harnesses, and motor magnetic sheet bonding

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