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Encapsulant_Potting Compounds_Silicone_Polyurethane_Epoxy
BESIL 8130 A/B Silicone Encapsulant

BESIL 8130 is a two-part Condensedcure RTV. Comparing to addition cure system

• Stable operating process and potting  time 

• Could reduce or improve the curing  time by modified the mix ratio 

• Will not suffer catalyst poisoning 

• Two-part, 10:1 mixing ratio

• Medium viscosity Room temperature cure 

• Condensation cure system: Methanol by-products 

• Flame retardant: meets Underwriters Laboratories UL  94-V0, No:E489118 

• Stable and flexible from -50°C(58°F) to +250°C  (432°F) 

• Flexible rubber - protects against mechanical shock  and thermal cycling stress at components 

• Excellent dielectric properties

• Designed to protect against moisture, environmental attack, mechanical and thermal shock as well as  vibration especially where good adhesion is required. 

• Typical applications include: encapsulation of amplifiers, automotive electronic units, ballast, bleed  resistors, connectors, flyback transformers, high voltage resistor packs, lifting magnets, power controllers,  power supplies, radio frequency induction transformers and sensing devices.

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