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BESIL FOAM 8202 A/B Foam Encapsulant

Besil FOAM 8202 A/B is a two-component additive silicone Foaming encapsulants, after a 1:1 mix, can be cured at room temperature or by heating cured, and has good flowability

◆ 1:1 mixing ratio, rapid curing in 10 minutes.

◆ 2 times expansion rate.

◆ Can cure in narrow gaps.

◆ Excellent fire resistance.

◆ Outstanding electrical insulation properties.

◇ U-groove filling for components in the home appliance or automotive industry.

◇ Insulation of firewalls or sealing of fire holes.

◇ Sealing of electronic equipment for potting.

◇ Buffering and damping absorption during high-temperature changes.

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