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Encapsulant_Potting Compounds_Silicone_Polyurethane_Epoxy
BESIL 9338 Heat-Resistant Silicone Encapsulant (Thin Layer Potting)

Color: Black Packaging: 310ml Applications: For sealing LED luminaires, sealing plastic or metal housings, fixing PCB components and wiring harnesses. It can be used as a waterproof coating for precision electronic accessories and electrical communicati

     BESIL 9338 Heat-Resistant Silicone Encapsulant (Thin Layer Potting)

     ◆ One-component, easy to use, non-sticky time is short

     ◆ Excellent chemical resistance

     ◆ Resist moisture, dirt and other atmospheric components

     ◆ Reduce mechanical stress and tension caused by mechanical, thermal shock and vibration

     ◆ Excellent electrical insulation performance, anti-corona

     ◆ Excellent outdoor aging and service life of 20-30 years

     ◆ Stable mechanical and electrical properties between -60-260°C

     BESIL 9338 Heat-Resistant Silicone Encapsulant (Thin Layer Potting)

     ◆ LED lamps and lanterns are sealed, plastic and metal shells are sealed, and PCB board components and wiring harnesses are fixed

     ◆ Waterproof coating for delicate electronic accessories, electrical and communication equipment

     ◆ Small modules, photoelectric displays and circuit boards, thin layers below 6mm are potted and leaks are plugged

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