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Conformal Coating

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SICOAT 9061 Solvent-based Silicone Encapsulant (Coating Adhesive)

Color: Clear Packing: 1kg/L Application: Household appliances, lithium battery packs, automotive lamps, LED lamps, PCB board components

◆ One-component, low-viscosity solvent type

◆ High transparency, curing at room temperature

◆ There are a variety of coating methods to choose from

◆ After curing, it is stable and elastic at -60 – 200°C, and easy to repair;

◆ It has good adhesion to most substrates without priming

◆ Excellent waterproof, anti-corrosion, moisture-proof and electrical insulation properties

It is suitable for coating of thick film circuit system and printed circuit board; LCM liquid crystal frame sealing, other applications requiring good permeability;

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