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Silicon gel

Silicon gel
BESIL 8250 High Clarity Optical Grade Two-Component Liquid Silicone Encapsulant (Gel)

Color: Transparent Packing: Part A: 10 KG, Part B: 10 KG, Applications: Mainly designed for the fabrication of optical device modules, and can be used for injection molded optical lenses and optical waveguide coupling to reduce scattering losses

     ◆ High transparency

     ◆ Excellent heat resistance

     ◆ Long-term protection against ultraviolet A and ultraviolet B

     ◆ No yellowing

     ◆ Fast curing and fast demoulding

     ◆ Extremely precise moulding effect

     ◆ Lighter than glass

It is mainly designed for the manufacture of optical device modules

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