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Structural adhesive

Structural adhesive
EP 6688 olvent-free, heat-curing, one-component epoxy structural adhesive

Color: Black Packing: 30cc/pcs Applications: BGA, IC memory cards, chip carriers, hybrid circuits, chip-on-chip, multi-chip modules and Pin grid arrays, automotive applications

◆ This product is a heating and curing type, with good temperature resistance and low total chlorine.

◆ It needs to be heated and cured, and it needs to be stored at low temperature (below -10°C).

◆ After curing, it has strong toughness, high bonding strength, impact resistance and vibration resistance in the bonding parts.

◆ The cured material has good acid and alkali resistance, moisture-proof and waterproof, oil-proof and dust-proof performance, and is resistant to damp heat and atmospheric aging.

◆ The cured material has good electrical and physical characteristics such as good insulation, compressive resistance and bonding strength

Semiconductor BGA packaging, memory-saving packaging, chip and wafer fixing, MEMS sensor packaging, and module sealing for automotive electronics

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