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SIPA 8018 Two-Liquid Potting Gel

Color: Pale yellow Packing: Component: 18 KG, Component B: 12 KG, Application: It can be used for sealing sensitive sensors in high humidity and high temperature environments, sealing power tools, and can also be used for waterproofing and sealing cable

◆ Good self-foaming after mixing

◆ Low viscosity and strong operability

◆ Excellent low temperature characteristics and excellent weather resistance  

◆ Excellent electrical insulation and electrical stability

◆ Good waterproof, moisture-proof, low water absorption

◆ Good adhesion to most metals and plastics

It can be used for potting sensitive sensors in high humidity and heat environments, transparent shock-absorbing gels for power tools, and for pouring waterproof seals in cable junction boxes

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