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Encapsulant_Potting Compounds_Silicone_Polyurethane_Epoxy
EP 6113 High-temperature 100:8 solventless, room temperature curing epoxy potting material

Color: Black Thermally conductive potting Packing: Components: 10kg/drum; Part B: 0.8kg/drum Application: It is suitable for packaging protection of products with high thermal conductivity requirements such as automobiles, automotive electronics, power
  • Heat curing will bring high heatresistance

  • Excellent adhesion, anti-cracking

  • Low CTE linear expansioncoefficient

  • Having a high thermalconductivity

  • Excellent electrical insulation,stability

  • Long-term use at 150 ℃ -180℃

  • Very low water absorption, good waterproof, moistureresistance

Uesd for automotive, automotive electronics, power tools, reactors, instruments with high thermal conductivity requirements of the product package protection


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