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Encapsulant_Potting Compounds_Silicone_Polyurethane_Epoxy
PUR 6608 A/B High Thermal Conductivity Encapsulant

Color: BL Black ACK Thermally Conductive Potting Application: Suitable for casting and potting of communication equipment, transformers, electronic instrument panel components, electronic ignition controllers, electronic sensors, connectors, etc

     PUR 6608 is a black and white low-viscosity two-component polyurethane thermally conductive encapsulant

     ◆ Low viscosity and strong operability

     ◆ Excellent low temperature characteristics and excellent weather resistance  

     ◆ Excellent electrical insulation and stability

     ◆ Good waterproof, moisture-proof, very low water absorption

     ◆ Good adhesion to most metals and plastics

 ◆ Communication equipment

 ◆ transformer

 ◆ Control the power supply

 ◆ Ignition controller

 ◆ Pouring and potting of electronic sensors, etc. 

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