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Encapsulant_Potting Compounds_Silicone_Polyurethane_Epoxy
Besil 8230 A/B 1:1 low VISCOSITY high Performance & Thermal Conductivity Flame retardant silicon

BESIL 8230 is a two-part addition cure RTV. Comparing to condensation cure system, BESIL 8230 has following features:
  • Flame retardant elastomer

  • Two-part, 1:1 mixingratio

  • Medium viscosity Room temperature cure or rapid heat cure

  • Addition cure system: no cureby-products

  • Flame retardant: meets Underwriters Laboratories

  • Stable and flexible from -50°C(58°F) to +250°C (432°F)

  • Flexible rubber – protects against mechanical shock and thermal cycling stress at components

  • Excellent dielectricproperties

    BESIL 8230 Black, White & Grey 2-Component Silicone Thermally Conductive Encapsulant

     ◆ Automotive electronics and modules

     ◆ LED power driver module

     ◆ Solar module junction box

     ◆ Electric vehicle charging column module

     ◆ Lithium battery pack, capacitor pack

     ◆ Magnetic inductance coil

     ◆ Inverter power supply

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