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Thermal bonding

Thermal bonding sealant_TThermally Conductive Adhesives
BESIL 9435 Additive silicone adhesive

It is a paste thixotropic one-component silicone adhesive, heating and curing, environmentally friendly and non-toxic, easy to use, forming silicone elastomer after curing, with excellent high and low temperature resistance, weather resistance, electrical

◆ One-component thixotropic paste, fast heating and curing

◆ Silicone elastomer adhesive for transparent or chromosomal moosomes

◆ Bonding more substrates, such as stainless steel, glass, ceramics, etc., can be done without primer

◆ Excellent flexibility and tear resistance

◆ Additive curing system: no curing by-products

◆ Passed ROHS\REACH certification

◆ Maintain elasticity and stability in the temperature range of -60°C~+280°C

Designed to provide long-lasting, thermally stable bonding to a wide range of metals, glass, silicone rubbers, plastics, mica sheets, and ceramic substrates.

Typical applications are: bonding of plastic shells to aluminium sheets, sealing of steam chambers in electric irons, CIPG of motor control boxes, bonding of heating elements.    

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