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Thermal bonding

Thermal bonding sealant_TThermally Conductive Adhesives
BESIL 9445 High Thermal Conductivity Silicone

Color: Off-white Packaging: 310ml Application: Designed to provide long-lasting thermally stable bonding seals for a wide range of metal, glass, plastic, and ceramic substrates

▶ One-component thixotropy

▶ Grey silicone adhesive

▶  Rapid heating and curing

▶  Can be applied to most without primer substrates are bonded, e.g. metal, glass glass, ceramics, etc

▶ Addition system, no curing by-products

▶ Passed ROHS\REACH certification

▶ Flame retardant UL 94 V-0

▶ Temperature range of -50°C~+280°C

▶ Remains elastic and stable within the perimeter

Designed to provide long-lasting, thermally stable bonding to a wide range of metal, glass, plastic, and ceramic substrates.

Bonding of plastic shell and aluminum plate of automotive electronic devices, sealing of steam chamber and bottom plate of electric iron, bonding and fixing of heating devices or MOS tubes, bonding of heating elements, and fixing and bonding of wafers

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