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Conformal Coating

Conformal Coatings_Three-proof paint_Coating gel_Potting Compounds
SIPA 8606 two-component transparent self-healing silicone potting gel

SIPA 8606 It is a transparent two-component self-healing silicone gel, which becomes a special soft material with buffer and automatic recovery after curing. Used to isolate moisture and other harmful contaminants from contacting the circuit board, and p
  • 1:1 addition type, good adhesive strength and self-healing

  • High elongation, excellent flexibility for mechanical stress relieving

  • Low oil penetration after cured, good anti-poisoningproperty

  • Good dielectric in high temperature for high voltage protection

  • Excellent aging resistance and weatherability

  • Excellent waterproof, corrosion prevention, moisture proof and chemical media resistance

Used for encapsulation of various modules, semi-conductor, IGBT, automotive ECU module, IC chip, weighing sensor, waterproof connector.

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