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Silicon gel

Silicon gel
Fluorescent conformal coating SICOAT 9060

SICOAT 9060 series silicone conformal adhesive/coating adhesive is a low-viscosity one-component silicone resin protective coating, easy to use, cured to form a layer of optically transparent film, with excellent high and low temperature resistance, weath
  • Low viscosity environmental friendly fluid, solid content of100%

  • Transparent single  component,  easy  tooperate

  • Easy to brush, spray, dip coating a varietyof processes, curing speed

  • Contain fluorescent indicator, check aftersizing

  • Good adhesion and no Good adhesion to various circuit boards and nocorrosion

  • Stable under 60 ℃, 280 ℃ andelastic

  • Excellent dielectricproperties

◇ Form a durable coating to isolate water vapor and pollutants.

◇ Various electronic components, IC chips, thick-film circuits, printed circuit boards.

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