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Conformal Coating

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SICOAT 9007 is a conformal silicone resin for the coating of electronic components, suitable for temperatures from -60 to 200°C. This product is suitable for coating the surface of PCB circuit boards, which can be insulated, moisture-proof, waterproof and

▶ One-part room temperature silicone

▶ Curing can also be promoted by heating

▶ Medium viscosity, suitable for brushing, spraying,

▶ Dip coating with a variety of processes

▶ After curing, it has a certain hardness and resistance

▶ Wear transparent elastomeric protective film

▶  Automotive Electronic Control Boards 

▶  Electronic Circuit Boards 

▶  Aerospace Instruments and Gauges 

▶  Flexible Printed Circuit Boards 

▶  Computer Control Boards 

▶  Industrial Control Boards

▶  Semiconductor Crystal Circuit Protection

▶  Appliance Controllers

▶  Outdoor LED Displays

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