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Gap Filler

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BESIL TCMP GP8835 Liquid Thermal Conductivity Gap Filler

BESIL TCMP Liquid Thermal Conductivity Gap Filler is 1.5-3.5 W/mK , thixotropic low stress applications,designed to provide enhanced thermal management for advanced automotive batteries, automotive electronics, and communications equipment.Compared with t
  • 1:1 mixing(thixotropic)

  • Low stressapplication

  • Easy tooperate

  • Heating accelerationreaction

  • Low hardness andmicro-stick

  • Platinum catalyzed and the siloxane volatiles are extremelylow

  • ROHS, halogen free, REACH certified

  • Lithiumbattery

  • vehicleelectronics

  • Communicationfacility

  • Computer and peripheralproducts

  • Application between heat source and heatsink

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