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SIPA 8018 Two-Component Potting Gel (Thermal Gap Gel)

SIPA 8018 is a two-component thermal gap adhesive that is widely used in smartphones, LED lighting, PCB modules and other fields. Provide reliable cooling solutions for communication equipment and electric vehicle accessories. Excellent thermal conductiv

     SIPA 8018 Two-Component Potting Gel (Thermal Gap Gel)

     ◆ Good self-foaming after mixing

     ◆ Low viscosity and strong operability

     ◆ Excellent low temperature characteristics and excellent weather resistance  

     ◆ Excellent electrical insulation and electrical stability

     ◆ Good waterproof, moisture-proof, low water absorption

     ◆ Good adhesion to most metals and plastics

It is used in communication equipment, transformers, control power, ignition Pouring and potting of controllers, electronic sensors, etc.

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