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Thermal Grease

Thermal Grease
SIGR 1112 1115 1120 1125 1135 Thermal conductivity silicon grease

SIGR1100 series thermal conductive silicon grease is used in electronic devices for thermal conductivity materials, with excellent thermal conductivity.

  ▶ Thermal conductivity: 1.2-3.5 W/m.K

  ▶ Low settling, room temperature storage

  ▶ Excellent resistance to high and low temperature, excellent weather and radiation resistance

  ▶ Excellent dielectric properties

  ▶ Excellent chemical and mechanical stability

  ▶ Power module

  ▶ Integrated chip

  ▶ Power supply module

  ▶ Automotive electronics

  ▶ The telecommunications equipment

  ▶ Com

  ▶ puter and its accessories

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