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Thermal Grease

Thermal Grease
SIGR 290 293 295 Transparent Dielectric Insulating Grease

SIGR 290, 293 and 295 transparent dielectric insulating greases provide excellent insulation protection and protection against water and moisture. At the same time, they can be used as a retardant for the aging of plastics and rubber, a protective agent f

     SIGR 290 293 295 transparent dielectric insulating grease

     ◆ Excellent dielectric properties

     ◆ Excellent water resistance and oxidation resistance

     ◆ Wide range of operating temperature (-55C to 200C)

     ◆ Good adhesion to the surface of metal, ceramic, rubber and other insulating materials

     ◆ Excellent corona resistance

     ◆ Low volatility

     ◆ Insulation protection

     ◆ Waterproof and moisture-proof

        ( Ignition system, insulated switchgear, transformer, power equipment, hydraulic equipment, cables, etc.)

     ◆ Plastic, rubber aging retardant

     ◆ Metal surface protector

       (Ignition system, TV anode cap, battery terminal, cable and connector, etc.)

     ◆ Good adhesion between the machine and the sealing ring

     ◆ Electronic sealing, potting

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