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Adhesives Sealant_Sealants Silicone_Epoxy adhesive
EP 6118 clear plastic parts and metal epoxy adhesive

Color: Black Packing: 5kg/drum, 1kg/drum Application: Two-component epoxy adhesives are suitable for bonding ceramics, metals, glass, plastics, rubber, paper, cloth and other products

◆ Resist moisture, dirt and other atmospheric components

◆ High strength, excellent adhesion

◆ Good anti-pollution and low surface pretreatment requirements

◆ No solvent, no curing by-products

◆ Stable mechanical and electrical properties between -50-120°C 

◆ Good adhesion to plastic PC, glass fiber cloth and steel plate

This two-component epoxy adhesive is designed to bond ceramic, metal, glass, plastic, rubber, paper, cloth, and more

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