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Adhesives Sealant_Sealants Silicone_Epoxy adhesive
BESIL 9002 neutral-flowing, one-component silicone adhesive sealant

Color: Transparent Packing: 100ml, 310ml Application: LED light sealing, plastic metal housing sealing; PCB board assembly, wiring harness fixation

◆ Low viscosity and good flow type

◆ High transparency and high physical and mechanical properties

◆ It has excellent insulation properties

◆ It has moisture-proof, dust-proof, anti-corona and anti-seismic buffering effects

◆ Good high and low temperature resistance, temperature resistance range is -60~260°C

◆ Excellent aging resistance, service life up to 20~30 years

◆ After curing, the colloid does not yellow, does not seep oil, and has excellent comprehensive performance

◆ LED light sealing

◆ Plastic metal shell sealing

◆ PCB board components

◆ Fixed electronic wiring harness

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