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EP 627 one-component adhesive sealing epoxy adhesive

EP 627 is a black, solvent-free, one-component epoxy structural adhesive that offers good toughness and Impact strength, when it is fully cured when heated, can provide excellent bonding properties, electrical properties, moisture resistance and mechani

▶ One-component thixotropic paste, fast heating and curing

▶ A large number of substrates can be applied without priming

▶ Bonding, such as stainless steel, glass, ceramic, etc

▶ Excellent flexibility and tear resistance

▶ Additive curing system: no curing by-products

▶ Passed ROHS\REACH certification

▶ Guaranteed in the temperature range of -60°C~+280°C

▶ Resilient and stable

▶ Bonding of plastic shells to aluminum sheets

▶ Iron steam chamber seal

▶ Motor control box CIPG

▶ Bonding of heating elements

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