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Besil 322 Two compound condensation type fast curing silicone structure adhesive

RTV Besil322 Condensation type silicone adhesive rubber is a two-component condensation type room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber. Fast curing at room temperature, Ethanol small molecule release, no corrosion of the material.
  • Dealcohol type fast curing at room temperature

  • Paste, does not flow

  • Two-component volume ratio: 2:1

  • Allow large mixing error

  • Good resistance to cold and heat.

  • Good adhesion to most substrates

  • Excellent electrical insulation

  • Meet ROHS, halogen-free, REACH certification

  • Microwave ovens, induction cookers, electric kettles and other household appliances

  • Photovoltaic modules and junction boxes

  • Car lights, skylights, interior parts

  • High efficiency air filter

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