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PUR 5110 polyurethane material for air filter

PUR 5110 A/B is a two-component solvent-free room temperature curing adhesive. Low odor, low VOC, in line with ROHS and REACH regulations. The process has wide operability and high physical properties of the finished product. It is suitable for machine d

▶ Low VOC, in line withROHS/REACH

▶ Can be machine-dispensed or hand-mixed

▶ Strong adhesion to various substrates

▶ High toughness, high elasticity

▶ Excellent resistance to aging and chemicals

▶ Aluminum-to-aluminum structure bonding of new energy batteries

▶ Adhesion of substrate and facing materials such as fabric, felt, decorative board, PET film, etc.

▶ Sealing and bonding of various metals and plastics, rubber, polyester and other materials

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