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Thermally conductive adhesive is a heat dissipation solution in smart projectors

2023.11.15 16:01:41   Clicks

Smart projectors are now not only used in learning and business units, but also have slowly replaced TVs and entered daily homes. The smart projector is a product that integrates optical, mechanical and electrical technologies, and the composition of precise optical components inside is also intricate. From the working principle of a simple projector, it is not difficult to find that the core components involved in the projector can be divided into three systems: optical system, heat dissipation system and circuit system. Among them, the optical system is the core, but poor heat dissipation will cause serious damage to color and brightness

Thermally conductive adhesive is a heat dissipation solution in smart projectors

The projector has multiple heat sources, the imaging system of the projector can generate a lot of heat when working, and the switching power supply of the projector can also emit a lot of heat when working. The main thing is that the projector needs a strong brightness when it is used, so it needs the support of a high-power light source, and a high-power light source is bound to generate high heat when used for a long time. These three heat sources put a great burden on the heat dissipation of the projector, and if this heat cannot be dissipated, it will affect the projection effect and the life of the machine. Because the projector has many internal components and is small in size, it is more important to do a good job of heat dissipation. Thermal solutions are similar in the electronics industry, with "air cooling", "water cooling" and "heat conductivity", while cooling fans and thermal interface materials are mainly used in projectors

Thermally conductive adhesive is a heat dissipation solution in smart projectors

As a supplier of thermal interface materials and solutions, Baigo provides application materials in smart projectors: thermally conductive silica gel sheet: low hardness, low thermal resistance, outstanding performance in insulation and thermal conductivity; Thermal conductive gel: It is a kind of silica gel heat blocking product with strong plasticity, which can choose different thermal conductivity products according to the needs of customers, which can be automatically dispensed, save costs, and also have good thermal conductivity effect and excellent caulking effect

Thermally conductive silicone sheet product characteristics

◆ It has a high thermal conductivity

◆ Self-adhesive without additional surface adhesive

◆ The adhesive layer is elastic, no yellowing, no oil seepage, and excellent comprehensive performance

◆Excellent electrical insulation performance and anti-corona

◆A variety of thickness options are available

Thermal Conductive Gel Product Properties

◆Good thermal conductivity

◆ Soft, almost no pressure between the device and the device

◆Low thermal impedance

◆Low viscosity and strong operability

◆ Long-term reliability

Which TIMs is the best choice?

Basically, each application and production will be suitable with a different type of thermally conductive materials. To receive further consultant, please contact our Glue Expert at:

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