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Circuit board solder joint protection adhesive

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Circuit board solder joint waterproof adhesive is a waterproof material applied to the solder joint on the electronic circuit board, its main function is to form a layer of waterproof barrier around the solder joint, prevent moisture, moisture and other external environment on the corrosion of the solder joint, improve the moisture resistance and stability of the circuit board.

Circuit board solder joint protection adhesive

Circuit board solder joint protection adhesive

Main characteristics of circuit board solder joint waterproof adhesive

▶ Waterproof and moisture-proof: circuit board solder joint waterproof adhesive has excellent waterproof and moisture-proof properties, which can effectively isolate external moisture and prevent moisture erosion of welding joints.

▶ High temperature resistance: It usually has a certain high temperature resistance, and can maintain stability within the normal working temperature range of electronic equipment.

▶ Electrical conductivity: some specially designed circuit board solder joint waterproof adhesive may have good electrical conductivity, ensuring that the electrical connection of the solder joint is not affected.

▶ Chemical corrosion resistance: It has certain chemical corrosion resistance and can resist the erosion of some chemical substances on the welding joints.

▶ Good adhesion: It can be firmly attached to the surface of the circuit board to form a continuous waterproof layer.

▶ Easy construction: Usually provided in liquid or colloidal form, it is easy to construct around the welding point and does not affect the overall design of the circuit board.

Recommended by high material circuit board solder joint waterproof adhesive

Circuit board solder joint protection adhesive

BECOAT 9007 is an organosilicone resin triple-proof material for surface coating of electronic components, which is suitable for an environment with a temperature of -60-200℃. This product is suitable for PCB board surface coating, insulation, moisture, water and rust, bright and smooth surface, high mechanical strength, highly transparent film, anti-leakage, shock, dust, corrosion, anti-aging, corona resistance and other properties. In addition, the coated protective film is also conducive to the friction and solvent resistance of the lines and components, and can release the pressure caused by periodic temperature changes. It can fully protect the wire panel in a variety of chemical corrosion, salt spray, moisture, high pollution and dust, vibration and high and low temperature and other harsh environment without affecting its work and signal.

Product characteristics

▶ Single component room temperature silicone

▶ Curing can also be promoted by heating

▶ Medium viscosity, suitable for brush, spray, dip coating many kinds of processes

▶ Formed after curing with a certain hardness, anti-wear transparent elastic protective film

▶ Good adhesion to various circuit boards

▶ Good high and low temperature resistance and flame retardant performance

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