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IGBT potting protection – BEGEL 8606 self-healing silicone gel

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What is IGBT?

IGBT stands for Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor. It is a power semiconductor device used to switch and amplify electricity, with a gate, collector, and emitter.

It combines the high-speed switching capabilities of MOSFETs with the high-current handling capabilities of bipolar transistors. The isolation gate provides high input impedance and reduces gate drive power requirements compared to bipolar transistors.

IGBTs mostly appear in the form of modules, which are bridged by IGBT chips and FWDs (Freewheeling Diodes) through customized circuits, and become modular products through frames, substrates and substrates

What are the applications of IGBT?

IGBT is a kind of high-voltage, high-current, high-speed switching semiconductor device, with low switching loss, high efficiency, high speed and other characteristics, widely used in various power electronic equipment and systems

Beginor Material Solution

BEGEL 8606  two-component dielectrically insulating silicone gel

Beginor Material is committed to becoming a material application expert that solves the pain points of the industry, creating high-performance material application solutions and high-quality customized services for customers. For heat dissipation of IGBT modules, BEGEL 8606 for heat transfer between IGBT modules and heat sinks:IGBT灌封保护——拜高BEGEL 8606自修复有机硅凝胶

BEGEL 8606 Product Description

BEGEL 8606 is a clear, two-component, self-healing silicone gel that cures to form a particularly soft material that is cushioned and self-recovering. It is used to isolate moisture and other harmful contaminants from contact with the circuit board, and to provide an insulator for high voltages. Another use is to provide strain relief to protect circuits and interconnects from high temperatures and mechanical stress

Product Features:

◇ 1:1 addition molding has good softness and strong viscosity 

◇ Temperature resistance: -50-220°C 

◇ Excellent aging resistance and weather resistance 

◇ Excellent waterproof, anti-corrosion and moisture-proof performance 

◇ Very low oil permeability after curing, excellent anti-toxicity

BEGEL 8606 Cone penetration at 220°C and 175°C compared to competitor aging test data:

BEGEL 8606 Cone penetration at 220°C and 175°C compared to competitor aging test data:

BEGEL 8606 Cone penetration at 220°C and 175°C compared to competitor aging test data:


◇ Packaging protection for power semiconductors, electronic sensors, automotive ECU integrated modules, etc 

◇ IC chips, submarine fiber potting, etc

Which TIMs is the best choice?

Basically, each application and production will be suitable with a different type of thermally conductive materials. To receive further consultant, please contact our Glue Expert at:

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